September 18, 2011

Natural Household Cleaning Products - I Use Messy Bessy :)

If you're heading to your local farmer's (or organic) market this weekend, it's a good idea to check out stalls that sell household products.  Chances are, you'll find something that's biodegradable and made of natural ingredients.  Plus, you're supporting the local economy.  I use Messy Bessy products because that's what's available in my area.

What made me switch to these products was the fact that my cats knew how to pry open cabinets and had access to household products stored there.  Years ago, Orange ingested something and I had to rush him to the vet.  It was heartbreaking seeing him so weak and having medicine given to him intravenously.  I don't want that to happen ever again.  If you have pets or kids, you'll feel safe using these instead.

All products perform just as well as their supermarket counterparts.  They may cost a bit more but you certainly can't put a price tag on the health and safety of your loved ones.  All the ingredients are things I am familiar with and I won't get tongue-tied... nor will I have to Google what it really is!

The first product I tried was their Anti-Roach Spray which was really effective - it works on anything creepy crawly, including ants.  It doesn't have a nasty smell you get from regular bug sprays.  And I don't have to vacate the area after spraying this.

Leave a comment if you've made the big switch as well or would want to do it! :)


  1. i love natural or organic products! unfortunately, I haven't tried any household cleaning products as of yet. once we're able to move to our new place, I plan to use only natural or organic products! Hopefully! :D

  2. @beautylilsecrets crossing my fingers for you :) i want to learn how to DIY this too!

  3. A Fantastic range of modern and classic Cleaning Products available at sensible prices to help create that perfect dining experience.

  4. I love their eucalyptus scrub, it really cleans well! Ang galing talaga ng baking soda! I also use their dishwashing liquid, disinfectant aroma spray, aloe and green tea handwash, insect repellent, odor absorber spray,

    Didn't like the Tea Tree Mold and Mildew Spray though...

  5. A Fantastic range of modern and classic Cleaning products are available at sensible prices to help create that perfect dining experience.


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