September 27, 2011

NYX 810 Natural Slim Lip Pencil

A lipliner is an important part of anyone's makeup kit although it seems that sometimes, we overlook these multi-tasking little things.

The most common use is to prevent lipstick from bleeding by providing a waxy, solid border.  I rarely use it for that purpose. Instead, I use it to shape my lips because my upper lip tends to disappear when I smile - so I use a lipliner to make it look thicker. I also love using lipliners as a base whenever I feel like making my lipgloss stand out. It's less messy and it makes the lipgloss stay a wee bit longer.

If there's one shade of lipliner you need own, a neutral one is your best bet because it can be used with any lipstick.

Today's swatch and tell features NYX's Slim Lip Pencil in 810 Natural.  My initial impression was that it looked too dark for a natural shade.  But it's really is quite natural and light.  Check out the swatches below:

NYX's Slim Lip Pencil are firm and dry, so if you prefer the softer ones, then this isn't for you.  Personally, I like this because it forces me to be patient in filling out my lips... that means less room for error.

To make application smooth and easy, I wear lip balm before going in with this lipliner.

I must confess I've only tried about four brands of lipliners. All of them are budget brands, with varying textures, softness, etc. They seem to work fine. For those who've used high end lipliners, would you say that there's a big difference from budget ones? I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

BY THE WAY - I just realized that my blog turned 1 yesterday! I will definitely need to come up with something nice as a way to thank those who have been following The Stepford Witch. I'll do that around the second week of October - please bear with me since this week and next will be really busy.



  1. I'm quite fond of these lip pencils and I have a number of them, including Natural.

    It's been my experience that the MAC pencils I have tend to wear longer and the Estee Lauder Double Wear wears until I take it off. Whether that's worth the difference in price will depend on the individual in question.

  2. congrats on turning 1 yr sis!

    I love lipliners too! currently, I'm really loving the one fr covergirl lip perfection line. have u tried them? :)

  3. Happy Blogiversary! I am loving Rimmel lipliners right now.

  4. Tamara - Thanks for the feedback! I suppose it's worth it since lipliners last a long time with me.

  5. beautylilsecrets - Thanks :) No, I haven't tried the ones from Covergirl but I'll check them out! Are they good? Aside from NYX, I have the ones from Elianto, Etude House & the Body Shop. I need to open myself up to new stuff.

  6. jbrobeck - Thank you! :) Hmmm... gotta find a nearby store that sells Rimmel. The only thing I've tried from that brand was an eyeshadow quad and that was a long time ago.

  7. I adore NYX products. I have not found one yet that was a disappointment.

  8. Retrodiva - I have to agree. Considering the price, the quality of NYX's products are good.


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