September 23, 2011

Revlon Blackberry Super Lustrous Lipstick

Do you remember your first time?  I'm talking about when you bought your first tube of lipstick.  I bought mine the summer before my sophomore year in high school, sometime in the early 90s.

I was at the Glendale Galleria with my classmate and we were paying for stuff.  For no good reason, I asked the cashier (a few years older, grunge girl) to recommend a good lipstick.  She handed me a tube of Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Blackberry.  I was shocked and delighted at how dark it looked.  Since then, I've never been without a tube of this shade.

At that time, my parents didn't allow me to wear makeup so I bought this lipstick in secret.  Studying in an all-girls Catholic school, we weren't allowed to wear any makeup either.  Anyone caught would get a demerit.  The only time I got to wear this was in my room but I was happy.  Of course I was happier in college since I then had the freedom and permission to wear Blackberry.  At first my mother hated the color but she got used to it.

Super Lustrous Lipstick is the only drugstore line I truly love because the shades are pigmented and keep my lips feeling soft and smooth.  It's even better than MAC Creamsheen Lipstick because it lasts longer and applies evenly.

Blackberry is obviously reformulated.  The original one had a darker, purplish tone to it.  This new one is a neutral deep red sahde.  I wish I kept my old tube so that I could have it replicated at Three Custom Colors Specilists.  Don't get me wrong, I love the new shade (otherwise I would have stopped buying it) but I wish they didn't discontinue the original.  If you want to see what the original looked like, check out this swatch.

I loved the old shade (in the original tube) so much that I made a painting and gifted it to one of my best friends:

Another memory - that was the same summer I bought a copy of Pearl Jam's album, Ten.  And this was my summer song:

Do you remember your first? :)


  1. That, my dear is a loverly color!!! I don't remember the name of my first lipstick but it was a Revlon lipstick as well.

  2. My first was a shade of hooker red that came in a makeup kit for kids. I found it a few years back. I still works and would probably be right on trend with the brights this season. My first real shade I fell in love with was Rosewood, a horrible dusty, flat mauve that screamed "90's". I think it was Revlon. It came in a white tube, which made it easier to find when it was time to replace.

  3. Elvira & Kelly - I always have to have at least 1 dark red lipstick in my kit otherwise it wouldn't be me :) Actually I just started using nude shades last year. Revlon is the best drugstore brand I've tried that I don't go out of my way to try others.

  4. Love the painting! I want one, Lol

  5. I dont remember my first - bit I grew up using AVON makeup since my Mom worked there. And she never stopped us from wearing lipstick or makeup for that matter. Kikay kasi siya. Consintidor :p

    until now i buy a lot of AVON makeup (mostly mascarra, lipstick and lotions) coz my sister works there naman! hehe :)

    ang ganda naman ng shape ng lips mo!

  6. notsquare - buti ka pa! pwede ba makahingi ng discount? LOL! i've never tried avon makeup (gasp!) re the lips: i have to shape them kasi the sides are thinner - they disappear when i smile with my teeth showing :O yeah, madaya, i know! ;)

  7. if you order and buy through me/my sister, YES!

    But, the reason why i dont announce it is coz mabagal ang processing ng order... so up to you :)

  8. sige, if i find something i like i'll contact you :) thanks!

  9. Have you tried "euphoria" by Covergirl in their new lip perfection line? It's a dad darker and bluer than blackberry.

  10. I had no idea this shade was redone. The original shade fits the name much better. I imagine they took out the purple because it can be harder to pull off. ^^^ I'm going to look at CG Euphoria, too.

  11. Just opened an old storage box box and found this in pocket of an old leather jacket must be from around 1994ish!


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