September 17, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Milk Aquarelle Liquid Foundation

Milk Aquarelle Liquid Foundation is another reason to love the brand Rouge Bunny Rouge!

It has a satin finish that looks ultra-smooth on the skin with a subtle glow.  Upon application, it looks semi-matte but within minutes, it gets absorbed and looks softer.  The first time I applied it, it hit me - this is really great for pin-up looks because it just looks so clean.

I tried applying this using different tools - a foundation brush, my beauty blender and even my fingers.  No matter what I used, I still ended up with an airbrush-like effect.  I suppose it's because the texture is so light and easy to blend.  Its one of the foundations that I've tried which feels nearly weightless.

left to right: Cashew Milk Parfait, Hazelnut Milk Parfait, Coconut Milk Parfait, Chestnut Milk Parfait, Almond Milk Parfait

Coverage is medium and by far the best.   With Milk Aquarelle, I could get away with not wearing any concealer - I use concealer almost all the time and I'm stoked that I can totally skip this step.  If I'm having a really bad day, the most I would do is wear a highlighter on my dark under eye circles, nothing more.  It covers blemishes extremely well but the rest of the face still looks natural.  You know what I mean? 

I like using this in the evening or when its cold because the formula is hydrating.  It won't get cakey at all.  During the day, I do find myself having to blot after three to four hours of wear but with everything else this foundation does, this is forgivable.

swatches blended out

I read a lot of reviews that agree this is a great product however the price tag is a bit steep.  Yes, it is quite pricey but it's also not your ordinary foundation.  Besides, if there's something I'm not stingy with, its foundation.  I just love how it transforms my skin into a clean, flawless canvas... so yes, as soon as I'm done with the other foundations I have (some of which are still unused!) I will take the plunge.

Milk Aquarelle comes five shades:  Almond Milk Parfait (pale yellow-toned beige), Hazelnut Milk Parfait (medium tawny beige), Coconut Milk Parfait (milky-pale pink beige), Chestnut Milk Parfait (warm, pale ochre beige) and Cashew Milk Parfait (medium, warm olive beige).

A press sample was provided for editorial consideration.


  1. Oh my!!! I want this! Been wanting to get something from this brand. Wheredya get it? :D

  2. It can be bought directly at :) got mine from RBR directly, they sent samples over.

  3. Hoho my! 'Tis pretty steep. :/ And the shipping ain't included yet. :(


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