September 6, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Sketches on Water Tinted Moisturiser


Rouge Bunny Rouge is a high-end European brand that's fairly new (it was launched 5 years ago) and has caught the attention of the beauty blogging world.  I, for one, was dying to try this out because of the great reviews I read.  Plus, I got a kick out of going through their website which is like a fairy tale - read the product descriptions and you'll know what I mean.

A couple of weeks ago, nothing could contain my excitement as I was on my way to pick up my parcel from Rouge Bunny Rouge.

One of the items I received was their Sketches on Water Tinted Moisturiser and this was the one I wanted to try out first.  Why?  Because Tinted Moisturizers are my favorite among face products.

Sketches on Water's coverage is sheer to light and gives the face a luminescent glow. Although it's sheer, it provides some coverage and evens out the skin.  It tends to dry faster than most face products but to my surprise, it was still easy to spread the product and blend it out. 

What made me fall in love with this Tinted Moisturizer is how hydrating it is.  Usually, products (yes, even Tinted Moisturizers) tend to cake on the side of my nose or would flake on the corners of my mouth but with Sketches on Water, that never happened.  I think this is a wonderful product for people with dry skin or when the weather is cold and dry.

left to right: Adansonia, Sequoia, Quercus

This is available in three shades:  Adansonia (transparent wash of pale milky beige), Sequoia (transparent wash of pinkish beige) and Quercus (transparent wash of warm tawny mid-beige).  It's sheer enough that even if you're a shade off, this can still be worn and it won't be obvious.  Adansonia is the shade I use most days but I also like using Quercus when I want to add more warmth to my face.

swatches blended

I do find that I need to blot my face after 3 or 4 hours.  Its not that big a deal but its good to note nonetheless.

Is this something I would actually buy?  Yes, because I have never tried a face base that provides moisture as well as this does.  By far, this is the best tinted moisturizer I've used.

A press sample was provided for editorial consideration.


  1. Thanks for sharing this review, hope this is available locally. I love that you mentioned that this product has a good moisture effect on the skin, I just love dewy looking skin! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  2. Hi Mar! Thanks for leaving a comment :) you can purchase this online at - they ship internationally.

  3. I've heard a lot about this company lately!

  4. Oh wow. Packaging pa lang ganda na! I haven't found a tinted moisturizer I like.

  5. VijiiS and Kari - truly the best tinted moisturizer I've tried. and i thought nothing could beat laura mercier. RBR is the most hydrating!


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