September 3, 2011

Sebago X VANE Docksides

Growing up in the 80s, I saw a lot of men wearing boat shoes.  At that time, we called them topsiders.  Is it still called that?  All I remember was that it was a big thing.

For some strange reason, I always had this impression that they were uncomfortable.  That is until Preppyboy introduced me to a pair a few weeks ago.

The man is rubbing off on me as I am absolutely loving my Docksides from Sebago X VANE.  This particular pair was released in 2009.

I like how the look this has a clean and classic look.  It's an all-around shoe that I can wear with practically anything (pants, shorts, skirts).

And I was wrong.  These are very comfortable to wear if you're going to work, run errands, etc.  The only time I can see this failing is if I'm going on an all-day shopping expedition.  Then again, any shoe except rubber shoes will fail.

For a small fee, Sebago lets you customize your shoes by changing the leather lace.  Mine was originally some greyish beige color.  I replaced it with gold ones.  What do you think?

Preppyboy laced 'em up.  The twirly ends are too cute!

Last year, Preppyboy got a new pair for himself.  I guess I rubbed off on him too.  Haha!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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