October 18, 2011

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gloss No 847 Pêche Charnelle

Once Guerlain's Kiss Kiss Gloss touches your lips, you might just forget your name. Oh yes, it's that wonderful. I have never tried a lip gloss that wears as comfortably as this. It's smooth, light and hydrating. I love that their non-sticky formula is balanced - by that I mean it's not runny nor is it thick.

It comes with a brush tip applicator, which I prefer because I can fill my lips with just the right amount. Compared to a doe-foot applicator, this is easier to control.

And the flavor. According to the company's website it's subtle vanilla, violet and red fruit. According to me, it's like cotton candy or something that will remind you of a day in the carnival when you were a kid. It's sweet but will not assault your senses.

Pêche Charnelle was introduced Fall of last year and is an iridescent peach color. Gold and red orange flecks are present, as well as tiny amounts of green and blue flecks. Depending on which angle you're looking at, you'll either see subtle gold, red or blue shimmer. 

Very pretty. So pretty that I like wearing it without any lipstick. The color is perfectly suited for anytime of the day.

It's one of those products that you have to try to believe. If there's a lip gloss I could marry, this would be it!


  1. A gloss worth marrying? This I have to try. Thanks for the swatch/review! =D

  2. Oh this looks lovely! Haven't tried this range of glosses yet. Definitely putting it on my list :)

  3. nice!

    can i marry your lip gloss too? i don't wear lipstick so gloss forever ako.

    will definitely try this one.
    thanks kookie!

  4. yes ladies, this gloss tops my list. chanel comes after and the rest i can live without :)


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