October 20, 2011

Majolica Majorca Shadow Customize BE121, BE286 and RD422

I've been hearing about Majolica Majorca for some time now. It's a brand under Shiseido that caters to a younger crowd, just like Za Cosmetics. Although it piqued my curiosity, I never went out of my way to check it out.

Voodoomommy asked me to pick up some nail supplies at the mall and I passed by the Majolica Majorca counter. Finally, a chance to see what all the fuss was about!

To be honest, I wasn't impressed with their collection of eyeshadow palettes. Nothing spoke to me. Instead, I was drawn to Shadow Customize which are individual shadows.

RD422 is a watermelon pink shade with silver sparkles. It's super pigmented that I use the tiniest amount on my crease. It was the first shadow I saw and it was screaming "BUY ME!" I walked away... an hour later I was back to purchase it. What a sucker :) I think I should try this on my cheeks too...

BE286 is such a beautiful peachy gold color that's just as pigmented as RD422. It has a duochrome finish that looks great when used on the eyelids. This is my favorite among the three because I can use it for a day or evening look. Heck, I can even use it without any other eyeshadow and it would still look great with some blending here and there.

BE121 is a shimmery off-white color. It's quite powdery compared to the other two and there's fallout even after tapping off the excess powder. I'm disappointed that the consistency of this one is different. Obviously, I like this least but it still works well as a highlight color.

While the quality of these eyeshadows aren't on the same level as NARS, they are still pretty good for a drugstore brand. Way better than Maybelline.

Swatches for your viewing pleasure. Nice, yes?

A quick eye look which literally took me 2 minutes to do - BE286 on the lid, RD422 on the crease (again, just the tiniest amount!) and BE121 to highlight.

I like these products enough that I think I'll check out the rest of the Shadow Customize collection but I still need some convincing when it comes to their palettes.


  1. I love Majolica Majorca, mostly for nail polish but I did manage to get my hands on one blush. I don't think I have ever used it!

  2. hmmm I'll have to keep my eye out. What interesting packaging!

  3. @jbrobeck oh i've never tried their polish... or anything else from the brand. i'm a newbie but i am interested in some of their liquid eyeliners and mascaras.

  4. @StephanieLouise yeah the other stuff i saw have cute packaging as well :)

  5. their palette is to shimmery for my taste, sis :(

  6. @beautylilsecrets i agree! that's why i'm not really feeling the palettes either.


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