October 3, 2011

NYX Almost Black, Bruised & Penelope Round Lipsticks

My favorite time of the year, Halloween, is fast approaching! It makes me giddy just thinking about it. If you need dark lipstick for your costume and black is just too shocking, then NYX Round Lipstick in Almost Black, Bruised or Penelope might be what you need.

I love dark lipsticks and have been searching for the perfect black. Now these aren't black but I decided it was worth a try. Since I reviewed NYX Round Lipstick previously, this will be more of a swatch post.

left to right: Almost Black, Bruised & Penelope

Almost Black doesn't quite live up to its name because it looks more like a purplish brown, with brown as the dominant shade.  It has a satin finish.

Almost Black

Another shade that has a stain finish is Bruised, a dark berry color. Its my favorite among the three because I feel that it can be worn anytime. Beware - this stains the lips!


The last shade, Penelope, is similar to Almost Black except that it leans more on the purple side and has a frosted finish.


The one thing I noticed with these three shades, compared to the other NYX Lipsticks I've tried is these don't apply evenly. A lipbrush and patience is needed if you want it to look perfect.

Which of these three would you most likely wear on Halloween? :)


  1. Oooh, I really like Bruised! This is seriously the best time of the year. ^_^

  2. Oh wow I am actually kind of liking Bruised. Is the stain the good or bad kind of lipstain? Haha :)

  3. Thanks for the swatches kooks :) looking for a dark lipstick for rock 'n roll theme day at work. These are perfect. Where did you get these? Sol?

  4. Kari - the stain is in between reddish & bright pink. the color is okay just really difficult to remove :)

  5. Chie - you're welcome. yup, i got it from sol :)

  6. Bruised is to die for, but I'm also digging Penelope.

  7. WoW..i like the shades :) Ok i need to get some NYX lipsticks :) XOXO


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