November 3, 2011

Beauty Blender and Blender Cleanser

It took me about three years before I finally convinced myself to buy the Beauty Blender. Sponges are meant to be thrown away after a few days of use (in this case 3 months) and shelling out $20 for a sponge was just an absurd idea for me.

Now I have it and have used it for two months. The first two weeks, my sponge bled whenever I'd wash it after every use. It was quite annoying and I wondered when it would end. Good news is they now make a white sponge called Pure. Other than that, I liked how it worked. It's true that applying your makeup base with the Beauty Blender is easier but not necessarily faster. I'm a huge fan of the smaller tip because it makes it easy for me to apply makeup on the sides of my nose and under eye area. It's also a great way to apply cream blush - I love how seamless it looks.


I get the same result when I use my makeup brushes and the ordinary circular sponge. It's just a matter of patience and lot of practice when it comes to blending. That being said, I probably won't buy another Beauty Blender sponge because I would rather invest in a good makeup brush that will last me longer than a sponge. If they decide to lower the price to, say, $10 then I would reconsider.

There's something I would gladly repurchase - it's the Blender Cleanser. I absolutely love how this can thoroughly clean the Beauty Blender and it works great in cleaning makeup brushes too. I use this whenever I need to remove stubborn cream-based makeup on my brushes.

What's your take on this product? I think this falls under the "nice to have" category versus "must have."


  1. How funny! Most people aren't crazy about the cleanser and love the blender! lol

  2. I'm the exact opposite. I adore the brush but the smell of the cleanser drives me nuts.

  3. I had actually never heard of this thing before your post. lol I'm more of the brush type myself. After checking out their youtube video on it I think its really neat but like you said not a must have. Great review!


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