November 29, 2011

Estee Lauder Fuchsia Fever Pure Color Lipstick

Estee Lauder relaunched their Pure Color Lipstick some months back with its new and improved formula. I can't tell you what the old one was like because the last time I used one was a long time ago. All I can share is what it's like now. And it's pretty good stuff.

This has got to the THE most pigmented lipstick I've tried. One coat is enough to last you practically the entire work day (drinking from a coffee cup with the lid on, included). Wipe this off with just tissue paper, you'll find that it stains and makeup remover is needed to get this completely off. If you want something with amazing staying power, this is what you need. Yes, need!

Most super pigmented lipsticks I've tried are drying. Although Pure Color Lipstick is not as emollient as Chanel Rouge Allure, its still moisturizing. At the end of the day, my lips did not feel dry and it wasn't the least bit flaky.

Fuchsia Fever is a bold pink color (much brighter in person compared to this picture) with an iridescent quality to it. This color deserves the limelight so whenever I wear this, I make sure that I even out my skin color, add a touch of barely-there contour on the hollows of my cheeks and black liquid liner. That or you can make yourself up like a Barbie doll on Halloween :)

What other lipstick brands have you tried that have stellar staying power without drying your lips? Sharing is ♥!


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