November 22, 2011

Palladio Eye Liner Pencil

My first encounter with Palladio was when I tried their liquid eyeliner. If you've read that review, you'll know that I wasn't impressed. Still, one product won't stop me from trying others from the same brand.

Since their Eye Liner Pencil was on sale, I figured there wasn't much to lose. And so, I ended up with 4 shades - White, Midnight Blue, Black and Dark Brown.

The first time I used these pencils, I had to rub them against the back of my hand so that it would apply smooth. I also noticed that these were quite firm... I wish it were softer like Make Up For Ever's Aqua Eyes Liner. I prefer using softer ones on my eyelids because I don't want to add more damage by tugging on it.

Palladio's Eye Liner Pencils takes a few moments to set and it becomes smudge-resistant and are best used to line the water line - they stay on. On average, I still notice it on me after 3 hours. For a girl with really watery eyes, that's not bad at all!

left to right: Black, Dark Brown, White and Midnight Blue

So yeah, I actually like this product since most eyeliners don't stay put on my water line. It's something I like having around in my kit. And I think Palladio is starting to earn favor points from me since I tried another product which was okay and another which turned out to be a pleasant surprise. But that's for another time.

Has anyone else tried makeup from Palladio? What was it and did you like it?


  1. Do they sell this brand in drugstores? It's the second time I've seen a review on their products and have no clue where to buy!

  2. @Courtney @Courtney I have seen this brand at ULTA and (i think) Rite Aid.

  3. I have been looking for a new product for my water line! Thanks!


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