December 20, 2011

The Body Shop Sheer Lip Shine

I think The Body Shop's bath products are fantastic but their cosmetics... well, I have a love-hate relationship with those. Some products are great while others I could do without (the 2010 holiday eyeshadow palettes were horrible).

Sheer Lip Shine is one of the products I love and wish they would bring back. It's been discontinued for some time but you might spot a tube on the sale bin... if you do, grab it!

My lips feel so soft and hydrated whenever I wear this. The colors are sheer and it has a moderate amount of shine. When I first saw these from the tube, I wasn't impressed but when I swiped them on my arm, I knew it was good stuff.

I think this is a lipstick-balm-gloss hybrid, really. With this texture, it's expected that it doesn't stay long. I can wear this for 5 hours (without eating or drinking) and still feel it on my lips although the color fades by then. Hours after removing the product, the softening effect remains. This is what you want to wear on cold months.

Guava, Strawberry, Ruby, Blush and Peach

As a bonus, this has a sugary (like cotton candy) flavor which is faint and pleasant. Quite nice, actually.

Since this is no longer around, you may want to check out their Delipcious Lipstick line. I haven't tried it myself but there are too many similarities. Both are sheer, sugary-flavored and the colors are similar. Even the tubes are the same - the only difference being that Delipcious has polka-dots on the tube. 

What's that I smell? Oh, rebranding & repackaging!


  1. Guess what. As you know I work at TBS. And we just discontinued the entire Delipcious line! A new lipstick hybrid is coming soon. Le sigh.


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