January 12, 2012

I Used Make Up For Ever's Aqua Cream In Today's Makeup Class

I've been taking professional make-up classes since late last year. First, it was a course on Bridal Makeup. Now, I'm taking Advanced classes for Photography and High Fashion.

We're currently doing makeup from different eras. Today, was the 70's and 80's - looks that are fun and quite easy. I decided to use Make Up For Ever's Aqua Cream Colors. I've actually been itching to use these products but was waiting for the right look to do so.

I love how pigmented these are! Throughout the class, it did not crease. The colors are so vivid that it's fair to say that these the best metal colored eye products I've used to date.

As this is a waterproof product, the texture is thicker and a bit drier than most cream eyeshadows. It can be quite tricky to blend and gets flaky if too much is applied - one must be quick when working with these. To apply on a large area, I used my fingers and for smaller areas, I used a synthetic brush. I blended these out with a medium-sized synthetic brush.

Aqua Cream is definitely on my to-buy list for 2012!

My teacher was pleased and surprised that I did not use any powder products on the eyes (with the exception of the highlighter). She said my look was clean and fit for the eras we covered. It was a good day. Happiness! :)


  1. Is your teacher the same one? I've heard of these and they look like they'll last forever, haha.

    Woooo so excited for you! :)

    1. Yep, same teacher. I love her class... super saya! :)

  2. I just started using some MUFE products and I'm hooked I'll have to look into these when my spending ban is over :)

    1. The mist & fix & all mat primer are also good picks! love their foundations too :)


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