January 16, 2012

Shu Uemura Eye Red:Juvenus Vitalizing Line-Reducing Eye Essence

Since I was having a lucky streak with the Shu Uemura makeup and tools I owned, I figured I'd try one of their eye care products. Besides, I needed some eye cream at that time. And so began my 6-month journey with the Vitalizing Line-Reducing Eye Essence from their Red:Juvenus line.

This range focuses on anti-aging and according to the website, the eye essence is:

"A light fresh texture formulated to gently & actively target fine lines & dark circles for the delicate eye contours. Immediately skin feels more supple and total surface of fine lines are significantly diminished. Within four weeks dark circles are improved."

That sounded promising, right?

First, let me describe the the product for you. It's gel-cream in texture, yellowish and medium-weight. The weight, along with the level of smoothness when it glides on my skin, tells me that this has a high concentration of some type of silicone. I threw away the box a long time ago, in an effort to save space which is why I can't list the ingredients.

It provides subtle brightening due to the presence of reddish pearlescent particles (which look like micro-sized glitter). Even when swatched on my arm, I noticed the same effect. I wonder if this can double as a highlighter?

I was hoping that after religious use for 6 months, I would notice the reduction of fine lines and brightening of the undereye area. Unfortunately, I feel let down by this product. My undereye was still dark and nothing happened to my wrinkles. Out of the 6 months, I only noticed that this temporarily filled in my lines three times. Three times! I'll say it again... three times :(

To make things worse, it caused me to have millia in my undereye area. Ugh!

So here I am, still searching for something that will address my eye concerns - dark circles, lines and dehydration. Any recommendations out there?


  1. I'm always super skeptical of eye creams mainly because I get millia really easy around my eye area. The only one I have found that doesn't do that to me is Enchanted eye cream by lush but other than moisturizing it doesn't do much for dark circles or fine lines. Too bad this one didn't work out :(

    1. hmmm... maybe i should check out Lush. thanks for the tip, Ashley! :)

  2. awwww man. shu pa naman. I hear good things about eyeliplex but I have a friend who I THINK got milia from it; I'll verify because I want to try it myself :))

    1. I wanted to try Eyeliplex BUT I read people questioning the "lab tests" and I don't know anyone who has tried it so I'm skipping that for now. Currently using the eye treatment of MyChelle, as recommended by voodoomommy.


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