February 29, 2012

Chantecaille Patina Brilliant Lip Gloss

I've been quite the busy bee, with two jobs and transitioning out of my old apartment into our new home. This is probably going to go on for some time. Since I enjoy makeup artistry so much, I am seriously considering making this my permanent job. Hopefully I can do that some time this year or the next. Then, perhaps, life will be a little less hectic.

I spent my New Year vacation overseas and made a promise to myself come true: that I would try new makeup brands. You see, there are a lot of good high end brands that are not available where I live. So whenever I travel, I make it a point to check these out. I could take the online store route but nothing beats swatching the product on my skin, feeling and smelling it.

I originally wanted the Chantecaille Brilliant Lip Gloss in Allure but it was unfortunately out of stock. The next color I was drawn to was Patina and so I ended up purchasing a tube.

Brilliant Lip Gloss is the perfect term for this, all right! It contains tiny shimmery particles that provide dimension to the lips. From afar, it seems like there's some color missing but upon closer inspection, it's just the light bouncing off the particles. That, and the high shine, will definitely draw attention to the lips.

Patina is a berry-red color that looks dark on the tube and applicator but turns out to be a much lighter shade on the skin. It makes red lipstick look even better when worn together.

It comes with a synthetic brush applicator that dispenses just enough for one application. The brush is sized just right so that it covers enough lip without going over the edges.

Good and great lip glosses have a formula that is in between. I've described it time and again - it doesn't feel tacky (or too thick and sticky), heavy, nor is it watery. Chantecaille Brillian Lip Gloss easily falls under the category of what good is like.

Wear time on me is about 2 to 3 hours and all the times I had to reapply was because I had wiped it off after eating or drinking... something I tend to do a lot!

I read somewhere that Chantecaille claims this plumps the lips? Well, there wasn't any plumping action that I could feel. You know the kind, when the lip product has a lot of the minty stuff that makes your lips feel like its swelling. I think that's just a marketing ploy and psychological. So the lack of plumping was not a deal breaker. Besides, the sparkles are enough to make your lips look supple.

So do I like it? Yes... and I'm not giving up on my hunt for Allure.

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