March 8, 2012

Badger Sore Muscle Rub + Soothe Herbal Pack

I get muscle aches more often than I'd like. Before I hit the medicine cabinet, this is my first step to feeling better.

The Sore Muscle Rub from Badger radiates a subtle wave of warmth when I work it into my skin. Although it's in balm form, there's no greasiness and its easily absorbed. Being the aromatherapy nut that I am, I absolutely love the ginger scent which feels so soothing.

After that applying the balm, I nuke my Soothe Herbal Pack (which is like  a small pillow) in the microwave for a minute. I'm not sure what secret thing is inside - feels to me like beads of some sort. I also detect a combination of lavender & camphor based on the scent. What I do is leave it on the sore area until the warmth fades away.

I store the herbal pack in the freezer when not in use and as a cold compress, it works wonders in helping me recover from migraine headaches.

Have you tried using alternative ways to heal? What works for you?

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