March 24, 2012

LowCal Cafe


My food cravings can get pretty extreme. Earlier this week, I wanted seafood for breakfast. A few days later, it was cupcakes at midnight. Yesterday evening I wanted cake. Then I remembered that I had Banana Walnut Cake in the refrigerator from LowCal. 

The first time I encountered LowCal was during a friend's bridal shower. Someone brought a carrot cake and wow... it was so delicious!

LowCal specializes in sugar-free desserts. They use Isomalt or Suchero which are natural sugar replacements. All their items are safe for diabetics and some items are vegan.

They don't really have a physical cafe... although I wish they did! LowCal is usually present during weekend organic markets and they have an online store. You're guaranteed that everything is freshly made.


The Banana Walnut Cake won't live to see Sunday. Preppyboy and I love banana bread. LowCal's version is moist, light and not too sweet. Totally guilt-free!  And we're devouring it like crazy.

Next time, I think I'll try their Calamansi Cheesecake and Belgian Choco Cranberry Cookies... yum!

Check out their Facebook Page to see what other mouthwatering desserts they offer.

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