April 12, 2012

Majolica Majorca Blood On

A peculiar name for a product, I'm sure you agree. I wonder how Majolica Majorca comes up with these names...

Admittedly, I was drawn because of the bright red color on the pot... even if I knew all along that it was a tint and it wouldn't look this way once worn. But it's pretty and I'm a sucker for that.

Blood On is lip and cheek tint that feels more like a gel-type product than a balm. My initial thought was that it would feel heavy. Quite the opposite, it wore comfortably and felt lightweight. 

The color of course, is much lighter than what it appears in the pot. I wish it was a little bit more pigmented because I had to pat rather than blend to get more color on my cheeks. That's just me - I tend to be impatient when it comes to building up color while others may prefer it.

Blood On feels great on the lips because it glides on smoothly and it made my lips feel soft. It gives a healthy red tint with just a tinge of gloss which is perfect for a no makeup look.

Blended out with several layers and Unblended

What disappointed me was the wear time. After two hours, the color was gone from my cheeks (even if I set it with translucent powder!) and lips. It's a good thing that this product is small enough to fit in any bag and the screw-top cap keeps it safe... because retouching is inevitable.

If Majolica Majorca can just improve their formula to make it last longer, I would go nuts over this product. For now, this falls under the so-so category.


  1. I love the brand.... sad that it isn't as good as some of their other items.

    1. this brand is super cute! i was hoping this was a great product... =(

  2. I love the color. Too bad about the formula! Thank you for the review!

  3. you're welcome. i agree - the color is really nice. i wish they'd do better next time.


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