April 18, 2012

Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix

It wasn't until I was in makeup school that I found the need for a setting spray. Sure, I've read about it but I wasn't all that interested because it sounded like a gimmick. I'd like to think that I'm more of a "to see is to believe" type of person.

We were required to use this in class because it (was explained to us) this works like hairspray. It keeps makeup in place for hours on end. We used this before applying primer and as a final touch. If your makeup looks cakey, this helps in hydrating the face - allowing products to blend in seamlessly.

My impression was that it would feel heavy, as if wearing the mask. But it's actually non-sticky, moisturizing and has a light, pleasing scent which fades after a moment. It wears comfortably.

So if you feel you don't have the need for a setting spray, think again. This non-believer is now a convert. I use it on my clients and myself.


  1. That's a good way to explain it as hairspray really make me look at setting sprays in a different light you may have just converted me :)

    1. The fact that it wasn't sticky won me over! :D

    2. Yeah that is a big factor I hate sticky products too :)

  2. ah, something my Mom should upgrade to using.

    Just to share, what she does, is the old school way i guess... puts on her makeup then sits in front of the aircon louvre for about 10-mins, then her face is set :p

  3. I did not know about this too. I should try it some time. I always have a hard time re-touching my make-up in long working hours so if there is a product like this that can hold my make up of a longer time, without much irritation then it's all great! chicago airbrush


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