April 7, 2012

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner, Perfect Primer and Volumizing Mascara

This post is way overdue! But for a very good reason. I wanted to use this product as long as I could and get the maximum benefits. And now, I'm ready to tell you about RevitaLash products.

First up is the Advanced Eyelash Conditioner. Among all the products I received, this was the one I was wary of. The reason is I read some comments online that scared me and I wasn't sure if my sensitive eyes could handle it. It took me a few weeks to get over my fear.

To begin with, my lashes aren't short nor are they sparse, by any means. But my wedding was coming up and I wanted to look better than ever.

I started using RevitaLash mid-September. During that time, I had my bridal makeup trial. The makeup artist used individual falsies to enhance my eyelashes. On my wedding day, which was towards the end of the year, she had no need to use it because my lashes had grown longer. In short, this stuff is the read deal. It works! After three months of continuous use, I noticed the lashes on the outer corners start to curl which meant it was growing. I also noticed new hair growing on the upper portion. Two more months of use and the lashes in the middle part curled upwards too.

Initially, I thought that's all this was meant to do. During the months that I used this, I noticed that my eyelashes felt softer too.

The best thing about using this eyelash conditioner (at least for me) - whenever I would curl my lashes, it would stay that way the entire day without the need for mascara. This is a pretty big deal for me because in the past, it would go flat 10 minutes after using an eyelash curler and no mascara could retain the curl.

This comes with the thinnest synthetic brush I have ever seen. It dispenses just the right amount for both eyes - no need to dip again for more product. The conditioner is applied at bedtime and the method of application is similar to how eyeliner is done. Just make sure it doesn't go inside the eye.

The only negative side effect I observed was the darkening of the eyelid in the area where the product gets applied. Otherwise, I did not experience any sort of irritation whatsoever.

The primer and mascara are a great addition to the eyelash conditioner. Whenever I use these two, it's like I'm wearing falsies. My lashes become really thick and lush.

I was surprised that the primer was blue but when I applied it on my eyelashes, it wasn't noticeable. Of course, my black hair has something to do with that. Haha!

The mascara shade I got was Raven, which is a true black.

Both formulas are wet and you'll have to wait for it to dry. If you blink right after application and your lashes graze your skin ever so slightly, the product will transfer and well, that's a mess. Once its dry, it does not get flaky and will not cause any irritation.

When I wear contact lenses, my eyes get watery and the mascara tends to smudge. But when I wear my eyeglasses, there's less smudging.

My overall experience with RevitaLash was pleasant. My favorite was the eyelash conditioner because it exceeded my expectations. The primer and mascara, I think, would be great for people who don't have watery eyes and want the falsies look.

Have you tried lash conditioners? What was your experience like?

Press samples were provided for editorial consideration.


  1. I used the original Revitalash and really liked it. My blog partner loves the mascara. She's crazy about it.

  2. I haven't tried any but I've really wanted to they just end up being so expensive. I love the new layout it's very well done :)


    1. Thanks! It was done by a fellow beauty blogger - jennstaz.com :)

  3. Great review. I just started using the product and can't wait to see the results!


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