May 24, 2012

The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Petit I Cheek Stick in Coral PongPong

Two things I have grown very fond of recently: cheek products and korean & japanese cosmetic brands. And so this post is about a cheek cream from a korean brand - The Face Shop.

Before I start my review, I just need to say how absolutely adorable the packaging is. It reminds me of a Matryoshka doll. If I were a true-blue collector, I'd purchase all three shades just for the sake of its packaging. But I'm not that hardcore.

Cream cheek products work wonderfully if you want to achieve a natural-looking flush. Whenever I work on my clients, I apply cream blush (Graftobian) after foundation and before any type of powder. The effect is soft and beautiful.

For everyday personal use, I picked up this one from The Face Shop in Coral PongPong. The other shades just didn't seem like it was for me but Coral PongPong looked just right. It has a nice shimmer which adds dimension and a nice glow.

When applying this product specifically (I have not tried this with other brands), scrape off a small amount using a spatula and put it on the back of your hand. Use your fingers to warm it up - this makes it easier to blend. The following steps will make the color last all day:

1. On bare skin or after applying liquid/cream foundation, pat a small amount of Petit I Cheek Stick on to your cheeks. Blend with your finger. If you want more color, pat some more product and blend again.

2. Apply your setting powder.

3. Do Step 1 again. Yes, you heard me! Apply some of this cream over powder and blend.

The product is unscented which I like... I already use other products that are scented and having another one is just an assault to my senses.

The only downside is the amount of product. See the picture above? That's the entire stick twisted up.. way less than half of a NARS Multiple. But that's not a deal breaker for me because overall, the quality of this product is fantastic!

This may be one of may favorite korean cosmetics. What's yours?


  1. i like this color, looks wearable for most skintones! wow sis, you're so back to blogging! I envy you! :D

    1. I have a lot of backlog posts... need to find more time to take photos :D

  2. wow thats not alot of product at all! But that colour is lovely. I'm a fan of Stila's cream blushes, they don't seem to have alot of product but theyre so pigmented that they'll last you years with use everyday.



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