May 17, 2012

New! GlossyBox USA

GlossyBox is now available in the US! Another subscription box for all you beauty addicts out there. I got my box a few days ago and wanted to check out the products before posting this.

So here's the deal, below are snapshots of the packaging to check out. After that are photos of the actual products and my comment on each item.

But before all that, let me clarify - this box I received is a promotional box. All the items here are full-sized. However, the actual subscription box will contain at least five-items. One of which will be full-sized, the rest travel-sized. For more info read Pink Sith's blog entry on this box.

So here's what the packaging looks like. The light pink box is sturdy, the tissue paper and ribbon are cute. There's a trend guide and card explaining the contents of the box.

Now let's take a closer look at the products included in the box...

Basq Cucumber Tea Soothing Eye Gel: There's a good number of people who said they didn't like this because of the scent. I didn't mind at all because it was faint and faded quickly. I love the cooling sensation when I apply this on my eye area. It felt familiar... then it hit me... It's like the Cucumber Elastin Eye Gel from St. Ives! No wonder I liked this - I used to take some of my mom's St. Ives products and slather it on my face when I was a kid.

C.O. Bigelow Lavender & Peppermint Body Lotion: I was secretly hoping to get the Shampoo because I hoard bath products like crazy. I have too many bottles of unopened lotion. But I am happy to get this. When I first opened the bottle, I was overwhelmed by the scent but it weakened after a while. This lotion is lightweight - my skin drank it up immediately and while it was sitting on my skin, it felt cool too. Very nice. I think this will make for a great bedtime lotion.

Cargo Eye Bronzer: I'm currently in a bronze-eye phase... it's a great color to use for special occasions or when going out... Or I could include it in my pro kit since I do like doing a bronze/brown smoky eye look on my clients. I thought this would be a mess to apply - on the contrary, it was quick and clean. No fallout and it was easy to blend. This is my first time to try a product from Cargo and I like this! 

OPI Nail Lacquer Kiss Me on My Tulips: I'm not a huge fan of light or bright pink nail polish. I don't think it looks great on me but I am still happy to receive this product. In case I have a change of heart about this color, at least I already have it in my kit. I know my mom will borrow this because its is right up her alley. Plus OPI is a pretty good brand so there's no complaining here.

Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine in Toffee: This was the item I was most excited to try out. Some of the pro artists I work with use Kryolan products and love it (especially the foundation). So naturally, this was what I checked out first. The formula is heavy but non-sticky. The product comes with a brush applicator that dispenses enough product at one go. It's very opaque so if you want something more subtle, you'll need to dab it with your finger instead. If applied with a brush, you'll get an opaque coat but within minutes it breaks and you'll start seeing the lines on your lips. Toffee is best suited for pale to light complexions. Those with medium skin color can use this but sparingly. I was so disappointed with the quality :(

Erno Laszlo Hollywood Collection: I can't say much about this because I haven't opened it yet. For me, this is the most MEH of the products I received. It's because I don't think I'll get much out of a few small sachets of various products. I think this is really more of a "try and see if you like how it feels" kind of thing. Will this even last me a month?

Most of the products in this box I liked. If these are the types of travel-sized items I'll get, I wouldn't mind at all. As long as I don't get non-beauty related items like... air freshener or some weird lifestyle thing like what other boxes include. Compared to other subscription boxes, this is pricey at $21. Is it worth it? It all boils down to this: if GlossyBox can consistently bring in products from good and great brands and keep it all beauty focused, then it's possible. Of course this can only be measured by checking out the first few boxes that come out.

Okay, I didn't think my post would be this long but I hoped this has helped you make a decision. Would you sign-up for this service?

A press sample was provided for editorial consideration.


  1. I didn't win a box but I did sign up when subs opened the other day. The first payed boxes will be sipping the end of the month can't wait to see what they end up sending out.

    1. I'll watch out for your post on that. I'm curious how well they're going to do over the next 3-4 months.


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