May 10, 2012

MAC Runaway Red Lipstick


MAC lip products are my makeup equivalent of the bad boy. You know it's not fantastic, it's potentially horrible but they look so damn good you can't resist.

Agree or disagree? :)

Anyway, Runaway Red is a satin finish lipstick that was released last year and made a comeback in this year's Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection. Yeah, I'm a little late in posting this but I think you'll like the pretty swatches.

I saw other swatches online and I think the outcome of this lipstick really depends on your skintone. On some people I noticed it looks a lot more blue than it is on me.

Since I like the red-lip look a lot (its actually the first make-up trick I was able to master), this was an immediate hit in my book... at least color-wise.

But again, it's just another pretty face from MAC. Almost immediately I felt how drying this was because the product made my lips feel tighter. Within an hour the color in the middle faded and in order for me to look fresh, I had to constantly retouch. After removing this product, my lips were screaming for a bloody lip balm for relief.

Another miss from MAC. For shame. Great to look at (most likely I'll be using this on photo shoots) but it's not great for a lifetime commitment.

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