May 16, 2012

MAC Scan-Delicious Kissable Lipcolour

Scan-delicious was part of the Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection and it's nothing short of gorgeous! A bold-fuchsia shade that's definitely eye-catching. The last time I wore it, I received at least 3 compliments - one of which came from the lady at the MAC counter, not knowing this was their product.

MAC's Kissable Lipcolour is a creamy, opaque lip product that comes with a doe-foot applicator. The applicator dispenses the right amount of product in one dip and is pretty easy to use. The formula is thick but non-sticky, goes on smooth and feels cushiony. This is highly pigmented and stains when removed with a tissue paper.

The swatch above is more accurate in terms of color because this is pretty bold. I guess when I took the picture below there was too much sun. Either way, if you're looking for a fun color to wear, this is definitely it!

A similar product is NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream although I can't tell for sure if they have a dupe for this shade. And just like its drugstore-priced equivalent, this is drying to the point that my lips were peeling after wear. In a span of 6 hours, I found myself reapplying because the texture is slippery and doesn't hold well when eating a full meal.

Would I buy this again? Hmmmm... probably not. Not because it's a MAC Lip product (you know how I feel about those) but because it's the nature of these lip creams to be dry. Colors are pretty but I'm more of a comfort over appearance type of gal.


  1. i am so in love with this gloss!! i must have it!!!

  2. Monte Carlo is the closest NYX SMLC, I think!

  3. I like the lip colour.


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