May 6, 2012

MAC Vera Collection Butterfly Dream Plushglass

Here's another Vera Collection post! Almost all the Plushglasses from this collection were nice but the specific reason I chose Butterfly Dream was that the color was unique, I've never seen anything like it. For the rest , I'm pretty sure there are dupes out there or something close.

I've never used Plushglass before, didn't bother doing research either. I just saw this color, swatched it and boom! I found myself mysteriously transported in front of the cashier with this product in hand. What I didn't know was that this is a plumping product. *groan* I hate plumpers... they feel weird.

Butterfly Dream is just soooo pretty! On the tube and when swatched on my arm, it has a lilac tinge. When its on my lip, it looks pinkish. The product has blue and purple iridescent shimmer which I absolutely love. My lips look slightly plump with this but I think it's a visual trick from all the gloss and glitter. 

It has a non-sticky and medium-weight formula with a light vanilla scent which I like, thankfully. Like most lip plumping products, this feels tingly when applied. I'm not a fan, but this one isn't extremely irritating either.

I can wear it on its own but I also like how this gives plain lipstick more character.

What I absolutely cannot stand (and I've had this experience with most, not all, MAC lip products) is that it makes my lips so dry that when I remove this or it wears off, my lips peel. Every single time. Even if I put something underneath, it doesn't help. It's painful and I don't know why I put up with it. Okay, I do know why... I'm a sucker for pretty colors.

I hope MAC improves the product of their lip formula. Either it's drying or it fades too quickly. Seriously, I haven't had luck with their lip products. I would probably never purchase a Plushglass again unless they do something about this. I suppose this is okay for quick photo shoots where you can wipe off the product in about an hour. But for extended or everyday use, I would steer clear of Plushglass.


  1. what a gorgeous sheer color! beautiful!

  2. Very pretty! Love the shape of your lips! :)

  3. Love this colour, one of my favourite Mac glosses! X


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