May 19, 2012

NARS Ramatuelle Eyeshadow Trio

I was initially going to pass up on this because it seemed ho-hum, more of spring not summer. Then I remembered that light shimmery blue and matte apricot shadows were colors I did not have present in my collection. So for the sake of completing my kit, I decided to pick it up.

Thank heavens the quality is far from the disaster known as Marie-Galante as this has very little fall out, the color is sheer but is easily buildable and blending isn't a daunting task.

What I did not expect was that these colors would come out beautifully together. The color on the left is a shimmery  icy blue that I never thought I could wear but it works as a highlighter. The middle one is a shimmery icy peach - I like to use this on the ball of my eye as an accent to the matte apricot color that's on the right.

No regrets! I find that the colors go well together to brighten the eyes whithout looking too disco-ball shiny.  I think people with dark undereye circles will find this flattering - it won't make it appear worse.

Seriously, go check the NARS counter near your place and give this trio a chance. The Summer 2012 collection was deceiving for me - what I though was good, wasn't... and what I thought wasn't great, I ended up loving!


  1. The MUA at a NARS event I attended used the silver as a subtle highlight just over the top of my crease, with the shimmery peachy/gold color all over the lid and the matte orange color on my outer v and ever so slightly under my bottom lash.....the effect was gorgeous and I can't wait for my ordered Ramatuelle trio to arrive in the mail this week (it was sold out on the day)


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