May 11, 2012

NARS Vendanges Lipstick

NARS' Summer 2012 Collection has kept me on my toes, to say the least. The three products I purchased were all unexpected in different ways. I already told you how Marie-Galante was a huge disappointment... now let's take a look at the Vendanges Lipstick.

At first, I completely ignored it. It seemed like it didn't fit into usual the Summer (or Spring) set of colors. I'm accustomed to seeing bright or light colors around this time of the year. Dark or muted shades are better suited for Fall or Winter. But then I realized that my Fast Ride (another sheer lipstick from NARS which was released in Fall 2009) lipstick had just a few applications left. I thought this color would be a close enough replacement. Take a look at the comparison swatches:

Left to right: 1 coat & 2 coats of Vendanges; 1 & 2 coats of Fast Ride

Hmmmm... not close enough. The good news is, I love Vendanges on its own. Both lipsticks are sheer but Vendanges is lighter and looks rosy brown. Fast Ride has a more purple tone.

I've been using this almost everyday for the past week - with a touch of shimmery peach lipgloss and taupe eyeshadow. If you need an office friendly color and one you can use with a smokey eye too, you may want to check this out.

The formula is non-drying which makes it an instant hit for me. Ya hear that MAC?! Since this is sheer, it takes a second coat to get even coverage. The only thing that I'm not too happy about is the staying power. After two hours, this fades and I find myself having to retouch my lipstick. NARS' opaque colors (like Funny Face) last longer and can withstand drinking and careful eating. So it depends on the finish, that's for sure.

Overall, NARS' formula is far more superior than MAC. To the point that I've converted a couple of friends to this brand simply because its much more comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

Now that I'm loving this, what about Fast Ride? Well, I just reserved a tube because that was my first NARS lipstick and I'm still hooked on that too.


  1. Ohh, that's pretty! Fast Ride reminds me more of you, tho. ;)

    1. Haha yeah... Rustans said they wont be carrying Fast Ride anymore so I told preppyboy to go to Sephora and get me a tube. I swear I can't live without it!


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