June 29, 2012

Benefit Speed Brow

Benefit recently opened here (so delayed, I tell you!) and with the traffic, driving to the store location takes an hour. I had to attend an event and it was held a stone's throw away from the Benefit store. That's how I ended up there. Otherwise, I don't have the patience to sit in my car for that long just to buy some makeup.

I was checking out what they had to offer and wow, everything came in such adorable packaging. Even the store decor was so gosh darn cute!

Speed Brow immediately caught my attention because I was just ran out of Shu Uemura Eyebrow Manicure and I couldn't take another day of shading the sparse area of my eyebrow with powder or pencil then trying to tame it with some clear mascara.  

 Anything to make our beauty routine simpler, faster is welcome. Agree?

Just like Eyebrow Manicure, Speed Brow is applied directly on your brows with a spoolie. It should hold your brows in place while providing a light tint. And that's where the similarity ends.

Speed Brow is a gel product so it feels wet and takes a moment to dry down. I personally don't like the subtle stickiness of gel on my hair and it doesn't hold for very long. Shu Uemura is waxy and lasts the entire day. 

Having a gel of consistency also affects pigmentation. For the swatch above, I had to generously apply the product on my arm so you have an idea of what the shade is supposed to be. But in actuality, you won't need to apply this much and it really doesn't show up on me. Maybe it's because of my black hair?

However, I do think this could work for those with fine, light colored hair. I could be wrong, it's just a hunch.

So, nope. Never purchasing this again. I'll stick to Eyebrow Manicure. My only problem with that is its so popular, it's always out of stock!

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