June 20, 2012

Lush Veganese Hair Conditioner

It's been a year since I've switched to using either natural or organic bath products and it's a decision I'm glad I made. I'm still in that phase where I'm excited to try out different things.

I just finished this bottle of Veganese hair conditioner from Lush and it was pretty good. 

It's quite thick so you won't need a lot. Working it in, you'll feel that its slippery and untangles your wild locks. Rinsing is the same as any other conditioner out there, you'll need to make sure to do it well so as not to leave any residue. Once done, your hair will feel smooth and soft. It has a scent that some people describe as lemony but to me, it's more like herbs you use for cooking (not the aromatherapy kind). I personally don't mind, sometimes I even enjoy the scent, but it's definitely an acquired taste that some may not like.

Some hair products make my skin break out. I did not experience that with Veganese. It was gentle on my skin and scalp.

This might be a repeat purchase in the future because it does the job well!

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  1. I only use natural and organic products on my hair too. I prefer Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil on my natural hair to keep it healthy, my hair is curly and gets really frizzy but the oil smooths it down and nourishes it. I have shiny, soft and healthy hair that’s chemical free :)
    Thanks for the post!


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