June 19, 2012

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in BG 940M

I always had this impression that matte lipstick was uncomfortable because it felt cakey and dried out my lips - thanks, MAC! 

It was Shu Uemura that changed how I saw this - they have one of the better formulas around. It glides on smooth and even. The feel is velvety, surprisingly light and is unscented. Wear time is decent, staying for three to four hours. For a matte lipstick, this is moisturizing and cushiony.

The color looks dark on the tube and when swatched on my arm but looks a lot lighter on my lips. 

The only downside is that it sometimes settles into the lines of your lips but I noticed that if you press your lips together (no need to smudge with your finger), that solves the problem.

BG 940M is described as a "muted pink beige brown with warm undertones" - maybe I'm color blind but I can't see the brown in this. Positive on the pink and beige though.

I selected this shade because I wanted an understated color to match a bright-eyed look (Sugarpill!) or a dark, smoldering smokey eye. This also looks great for an everyday no makeup look.


In other news, I was MIA last week because I had to deal with getting rid of a spoiled brat in my life. I hate negative people who do nothing but bring drama and cause trouble. They are so toxic! I'm glad to totally cut that person off of my life.

Who needs people like that, right? 

The good thing about that is I can now spend more time with the people I love who make me happy! :)

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