July 12, 2012

Coming Soon... MAC Archie's Girls Collection

I grew up reading and collecting Archie Comics... to the point that my parents would hide them from me just so I would go to sleep!

My cousin gave me my first Betty and Veronica Double Digest... issue number 1! I was a careless kid and did not know the value of keeping comic books in mint condition. I would just read it over and over again until the pages started to fall off.

Hearing that MAC was coming out with a collection inspired by Betty and Veronica has got me all excited. Now I want to fast forward to 2013 and see what products are coming out. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting stuff from this collection... not because I'm a makeup aficionado, but because I love Archie Comics!


  1. I bet the packaging will be real cute too!

  2. I was obsessed with them so I'll probably be extra critical of this collection! I expect a fab Veronica red for sure!


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