July 11, 2012

Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick: Forbidden Flower, Midnight Bloom & Night Romance

These three have been sitting in my traincase, neglected. It's because I took one whiff of the fig scent from Edward Bess' lip gloss line and it gave me a massive headache. Literally. I don't know what it is exactly. Maybe I'm just strangely built - on some days I get a migraine just smelling this and other days I hardly notice it at all.

The bright side is that the lipstick scent is weaker. After a while, the scent disappears so it's not so bad. Beyond that, it's a very good product. 

Most of the time, sporting a red lip can be difficult because a lot of care needs to be put in applying it. Midnight Bloom, however, is easy peasy. The creamy texture allows it to glide effortlessly. Two swipes and you're good to go! It does not feather and lasts a long time. The only time I have to re-apply is after drinking or eating. Otherwise, there's minimal fading after four hours of wear. The color is opaque with a bit of sheen to it.

You know how they say that all you need is lipstick (and nothing else) to brighten up the face? They were probably talking about Midnight Bloom. I can wear this without any makeup on and it transforms my face.

Red lipstick lovers, this is a must have!

If you're looking for a more toned-down shade, Night Romance might just be up your alley. This is a semi-opaque muted pink which goes well with either a day or night look. The texture is similar to Midnight Bloom and the color payoff is equally superior. There was a little more fading after four hours of wear but the color was still noticeable on my lip.

Forbidden Flower is a nude peach shade which I expected that once applied would match its appearance on the tube. Not the case because on my lip, it was much lighter. Among the three, this is the least pigmented and takes some work applying because it appears uneven on the lip. It tends to accentuate dry patches - I had to scrub really well to make it look decent for this photo.

The lipstick tubes shows here are from last year. I found these to be sleek, sturdy and the overall look was classic. Recently, Edward Bess changed their packaging and it's now square. I have very strong feelings about this which I will share once I review Demi Buff.

Anyway, all of these are extremely comfortable to wear because it is so hydrating. They last a good amount of time and it feels light on the lips. If you love lipstick, you need to try this brand because the formula is really good.

Have you tried this product? What other shades would you recommend?


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