July 7, 2012

L'Occitane Verbena Soothing Body Ice Gel

I was MIA this week because I was down with the flu and was stuck in bed. Nyquil and Theraflu were my best friends. Anyway, I'm back with a brand new post!

Preppyboy introduced me to L'Occitane's Verbena Soothing Body Ice Gel during a beach getaway years ago. This is where we went... beautiful yes?

I didn't have any use for a cooling gel because I was pretty good at applying and re-applying sunblock. What stuck with me was how good this product smelled... like lemon candy!

Well guess what? I recently rushed to the mall to buy a bottle and here's why...

A few weeks ago, we went to an outdoor shooting range somewhere in the mountains. I prefer shooting outdoors because the smell of gunpowder gives me a nasty headache. The air in an indoor range doesn't circulate well.

Here's what the range looked like... a jungle!

Some big guns. I tried to shoot with one of these but I couldn't carry it long enough to aim and shoot. Too. Damn. Heavy. So I stuck to my pistol.

The genuis in me applied sunblock everywhere except my right arm. By noon, it hurt like crazy and as soon as I got home, I dumped a dozen tea bags in the tub and soaked in it. It was a pretty nasty burn and I knew I needed a bottle of Body Ice Gel. The next day, I was at the L'Occitane store.

I applied this twice a day and my skin would hurt less each day. After my third day of use, the pain was completely gone. I like that it's not sticky and absorbs into the skin fast enough - its comfortable to wear. The scent was so soothing too.

People, this is something you cannot live without during the summer!

The only thing I was worried about was the size. The bottle is huge and beyond the sunburn, I wasn't sure what to do with it. The lady at the L'Occitane counter said I can also apply this on insect bites. And according to the company's website, it can also be used to relieve muscle pain during massage. Now I don't feel so bad because its not going to waste.

Major love goes to this gel.

Now I need to figure out how to make the skin on my right arm match the rest of my body. I might have to use papaya soap on it since going to the beach to get a tan is out of the question (it's been raining like crazy lately).


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