July 25, 2012

NARS Como Larger Than Life Lip Gloss

Larger Than Life is marketed as a long-lasting lip gloss packed with color and shine. There are a lot of things I like about this product but there are some things I also am not a fan of.

True to its claim, it lasts longer than most lip glosses and the shine is strong without it being runny. It applies evenly, feels smooth and hydrating. Even if it contains shimmer, it doesn't feel gritty. 

Although it did not feel sticky at the start, once it wore down and the color faded it also felt tacky. That was after two hours of wear.

The applicator brush is the smallest I've seen on a lip gloss. Good, when you want to make sure your application is neat but you'll have to dip in the tube twice to get enough product to coat your lips. A third time if you want the color to come out stronger.

Como has a berry base and fine gold shimmer - it looks dark on the tube and when swatched on the arm. On the lip, the color appears much lighter. From afar, the gold shimmer is barely noticeable. It's neutral with a punch.


The only thing that I find strange is that when the product thins out and starts to fade, my lips peel. It doesn't feel the least bit dry or raw. It just peels. Oh well, at least it exfoliates my lips ;)

Click on the photo below to see the ingredient list!

Have you had the chance to try Larger Than Life? What are your thoughts?


  1. Beautiful color but scary about the peeling! Your lips sure are purdy!

  2. This is GORGEOUS!!!! I'm not so sure that I would like it to exfoliate my lips though! I wonder if you are mildly allergic to an ingredient. My lips can at times be pretty sensitive- so that does worry me a bit. That said I have several NARS lip glosses and haven't noticed that happening. Excellent review!!

    1. Thanks Lola! You have a good point - I probably am allergic to something. I get the same reaction with most MAC products the only difference is that NARS doesn't dry out my lips.


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