July 31, 2012

NARS Storm Bird Nail Polish

I love black nail polish and always will... but wearing the same color all the time can be boring. So it's good to have alternatives. NARS Storm Bird is part of the Fall 2012 collection and personally, I think it's one of their better pieces this for the season.

The formula is in a happy middle where it isn't runny that I have to worry about a lot of clean-up nor is it too thick. This was very easy to apply and was not the least bit messy.

I was able to get a lot of coverage with a single coat but a second one guarantees full opacity. In the pictures above, no top coat was used - this nail polish shines beautifully where hit by light.

Storm Bird is a mid-toned bluish grey which looks much lighter on the bottle as opposed to when its dry on the nail.

My eternal problem is (and I've mentioned this before) my nail polish usually chips after 24 hours. I'm hopeful with Storm Bird because I'm on my third day and there aren't any signs of wear. That's a big deal for me which makes me love this even more! I'm so glad I picked this up!


  1. Very pretty fall color! :) I have yet to purchase a NARS polish... this could be the first.

  2. I'm a sucker for greys.. this is gorgeous. Glad to hear about the wear time too, it's why I usually don't splurge on polishes.. but this. Hmm..

  3. I didn't know that NARS had polish! I love this color. Must Have!

  4. this is a true lemming for me! I have to save my pennies (LOL) to get it tho.

    BTW, why not use a top coat to try and extend the life of your mani? I think of a polish this pricey (for me, at least) as an investment and use a decent brand of topcoat to protect it and get as much life as I can from the polish. Also, I'm lazy and sometimes don't really want to change it. ^^


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