July 26, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-lasting Eye Shadow in Mysterious Tinamou

Maybe it's a lucky streak but every Rouge Bunny Rouge product I've tried, I like. I take it back, it should be love! A few posts back, I mentioned that I'm trying to be more adventurous with color and blue was something I shied away from for a very long time. Some eyeshadow colors I've tried were disastrous and I needed something really good.

I was planning to purchase a neutral color for my very first Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow. Then I changed my mind and thought, what the hell... And so, Mysterious Tinamou ended up on my shopping cart instead of a "safe" color. 

As expected, the packaging is understated and chic - typical of the brand. The compact is sturdy and includes a small mirror.

Mysterious Tinamou appears teal on the pan but when swatched on my arm and applied on my eyelids, its a shimmery deep-blue with the slightest hint of grey. A good beginner blue since it's very wearable and not overwhelming.

The texture is exceptional as I found it buttery-soft and it's one of the few eyeshadows I've encountered where blending isn't just easy, it's effortless. It's simple enough to layer and build color without making a mistake.

Although I always wear primer on my lids (because it's just THAT oily), it doesn't come as a surprise that this lasts the entire day without creasing. I love products that don't require retouching... don't we all? :)

The reason I've been scared of blue? Because it tends to accentuate my dark undereye circles even with corrector and concealer on. I'm happy that this doesn't have that effect which gives me the much-needed confidence I need to wear blue!


  1. This is gorgeous-- I have repeatedly almost purchased this one, but always chickened out. I might just have to get it with my next RBR order. It looks absolutely gorgeous on you@@

    BTW-- I absolutely have loved your blog for a long time, and should have expressed it sooner.

    I was just recently nominated for my second Liebster Award, and am now nominating you! Congratulations!

    Here's your nomination:


    1. Lola, I love your blog too... I read it all the time! Thanks I'll probably post this over the weekend :)

    2. Frankly I'm touched and flattered that my blog is on your radar!! I read your all the time as well!! I look forward to reading your responses to the Liebster Award-- which by the way you really really deserve!!

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    1. Phyrra, coming from you that's such an awesome compliment!

  3. Looks good on you :) I've never tried RBR, it's on my list though. I'm resisting right now because I do not need another brand to be obsessed over. *le sigh* --- xo, Emilie

  4. Looks good on you :) I've never tried RBR, it's on my list though. I'm resisting right now because I do not need another brand to be obsessed over. *le sigh*


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