July 18, 2012

The Body Shop Lily Cole Collection Puff On Radiance

The Body Shop launched the Lily Cole collection a while back and the theme was pinky, purply, peachy and sparkly! I tested most of the products and wasn't impressed. The only two that piqued my interest were the Puff On Radiance and liquid eyeliner (to be reviewed later this week).

Now take a look at that packaging. Seriously... it's so darn cute you may want to purchase this just because of how it looks.

The puff is functional and picks up the powder well but I still prefer using a brush to blend and diffuse the color better.

According to The Body Shop, Puff On Radiance is a highlighter with pink tones. However, I think it's more peachy-pink. These come in little pearl balls similar to Guerlain Meteorites. The three colors found here are peach, baby pink and pink blush - all of which are shimmery.

Click on the images below to enlarge the swatches! As you can see, once blended on my arm, the color appears to be seamless. Beautiful right?

Unfortunately, it does not translate that way on the face. When I applied this on my cheeks, the gold shimmer became obvious as it sat on top of the pink powder. The gold particles were too big and looked unflattering especially in the parts where I had enlarged pores. Even using a light hand and blending really well, it still looked this way. NARS Orgasm looks better in comparison.

If you have super smooth skin, then you are extremely lucky and chances are this would look better on you. As for me, I don't think I'll get to use this all that much since it's rather unflattering.


  1. You are right, I would probably buy it just to look at it!

    But like you said, it won't be that flattering on many!
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  2. I almost bought this the other weekend when I was in there. Glad I didn't now that I see your review. My skin is so not flawless in the cheek area either.

    1. My mistake was that in the store, I only swatched it on my arm. I should have applied it to my face. Lesson learned :)

  3. Reminds me of guerlain meteorites.It's great to use with powder brush.I should try this one on the store if they have the same luminous effect.:)


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