August 23, 2012

Burberry Lip Definer in No 05 Brick Red

Sporting a red lip can be tricky which is why it's essential to have a lip pencil in your kit. 

I've been loving Burberry Lip Definer because it is firm but glides smoothly on the lips. The color pay-off is intense that one pass does the trick. There's more product because it's over an inch longer than my other lip or eye pencils. And it includes a pencil sharpener which gets a lot of use - I tried the standard one for all my other pencils and it didn't fit because of the square shape that Burberry Lip Definer has.

Sometimes, instead of using lipstick to fill in the rest of my lip, I'll use a lip pencil. Besides, a pencil is easier to carry around in my bag.

However, it is not as emollient as lipstick so it's best to top it off with a long-lasting lip gloss like Chanel Lèvres Scintillantes to prevent your lips from drying or flaking. 

Brick Red is a warm red color - you can definitely spot strong orangey tones in this shade. I usually prefer neutral or cool reds but this is beautiful and would go nicely with a sheer wash of gold on the eyes.

I feel that this was worth every cent and in the future, I would like to get a nude shade from Burberry.

What's your favorite high-end lip pencil?

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