August 2, 2012

Jane Iredale Lip Fixation in Rapture

I'm not a huge fan of lip stain because it dries out my lips like crazy, even with lip balm underneath. Some products dry in record-speed that there's hardly any time to blend! It took me a while to unbox Lip Fixation because I wasn't sure if I would experience the same thing.

It was a good call to do a road test for two weeks.

The Lip Stain is unlike any that I have tried. Its lightweight but not as watery as your typical gel stain - I'm guessing it's because of the pigment used. Applying this on the lips is absolutely delightful because it has a velvety feel to it. More importantly, it did not feel dry, my lips did not get flaky. Thank goodness!

It's important to note that the lip stain takes some time to set - about a minute. Once it's dry, then the next step would be to apply the lip gloss. This way, the lip gloss applicator will only pick up a minimal amount of color from the stain.

The other half of this product is a sheer pink Lip Gloss with white opalescent micro-glitter. It won't change the color of the lip stain at all - it enhances it by adding shine and subtle shimmer. Like the lip stain, it has light vanilla scent which I like.

After five hours of wear, the color faded a wee bit but it's still pretty obvious I was wearing lip product. And it was around that time, I noticed that it started to feel sticky on my lips (I didn't feel that way the first couple of hours). That's just about the only thing I wasn't a fan of.

The only instance I had to reapply Lip Fixation was after eating and drinking.

I think the mere fact that this product can be worn several ways makes it a winner. You can choose to combine the products or use them solo. The lip stain gives you a soft look with a single layer but if you want something more bold and opaque, it's very easy to build the color.

And the lip stain can also be used on the cheeks... but the tiniest amount is all you need because this is crazy pigmented. The result is a beautiful rosy glow! If you're going to attempt this, practice first. Trust me.

The first photo shows me wearing the lip stain and the photo below that shows my lips topped with lip gloss.

I think this is the best lip stain I've tried to date and when I run out, it's definitely going to be part of my shopping list!

Have you tried Lip Fixation? What are your thoughts?

Click on the image below to see list of ingredients.

A press sample was provided for editorial consideration.

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