August 19, 2012

NARS Eyeliner Stylo

NARS picked the perfect time to re-launch their Eyeliner Stylo line because graphic eyeliner is one of the top trends for Fall!

I purchased Atlantic (navy blue) and Koala (medium grey) since I hardly see these colors in liquid eyeliner. Once I'm done with my K-Palette eyeliners, I'd like to give Carpates a try since it is one of the most intense black liners I've seen. I expected Nuku Hiva to be a darker shade of brown - I'm not sure if I like the intensity, it seems a bit too light.

Eyeliner Stlyo has a felt-tip applicator which is firm but I find it a bit too wide which makes creating a thin line challenging. I spent more time than usual just to make sure the parts where thinner application was needed looked neat - I used a dotting motion instead of drawing a straight line. I find it easier to apply liquid eyeliner with a brush-tip (like Cezanne Ultra Fine Eyeliner N). However, I'm happy that I can apply this to my lower lash line without any feathering.

These are very pigmented that I don't need to go back and top it off with a second layer. When applying, let it set for a bit before blinking because its pretty wet at the start.

This claims to last for 24-hours but I can't speak to that because I remove my makeup when I sleep. However, this lasted from day to late night without fading or smudging. 

I love that it did not irritate my eyes or skin at all!



Click image below for ingredients:

When this was first released, I ignored Eyeliner Stylo because it was just a liquid eyeliner. But after three weeks of going back and forth the NARS counter, I finally caved and swatched. No regrets in purchasing because these perform pretty well!


  1. I passed on these because I'm pretty happy using Le Metier de Beaute's Precision Liquid Eye Liner in Noir but I'm always looking out for a great dark brown liquid eyeliner. It seems like no one has perfected that formula yet. NARS' brown liquid eyeliner is not my kind that's why I passed on these. I do hope they make more though. I think a khaki green would be great.

  2. I wish I was better with liquid. This does look lovely on and they have the staying power so I'd say it was a good investment.

  3. I like the Atlantic color. It's rarely found in liquid eye liners. The best aspect of liquid ones is that they don't smudge and are long lasting. All you need is to apply with perfection.Going blue this weekend!
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