September 26, 2012

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Abstraction & Vision

This fall, Chanel introduces us to two, beautiful, new Illusion D'Ombre colors. Abstraction is a soft, rose pink shade with an iridescent finish. Vision is a bold, glittery gold. The first thing that came to mind when I saw these: holiday makeup!

Now, the thing with Illusion D'Ombre is that the texture and the way it translates to the eye varies from color to color. Abstraction is sheer and needs some layering in order to get a more defined color. Vision, on the other hand, is so intense that it's best applied with a brush, using a light hand. It also has a tendency to flake when applied thickly.

Abstraction turned out to be quite versatile as it is suited for everyday wear yet it carries with it an elegance fit for a night out. I particularly enjoyed the casual look I achieved by just applying a light wash of this and then lining my eyes with a deep brown liner. It also looks beautiful with Vision lightly layered over it (as pictured below).

Although there are stark differences on how to apply each of these colors, both last the whole day without creasing or fading on primed lids.

I never thought these would be as wearable as they are! I love the subtlety of Abstraction and the Omph! factor that Vision brings.


  1. Hey you...Kumusta? I am loving Abstraction, not so much on Vision. Is this limited edition or seasonal? Available already? Both looks good on you.

    1. Hi Emilie! Ok naman ;) Vision is tricky to use... I think it's meant to serve as an accent color only. I'm not sure but it might actually be permanent colors & it's available already. What they don't have here that I want are the Illusion D'Ombre from the Blue Illusion collection!

  2. I am glad they are more on the sheer side, they are beautiful on your eyes.


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