September 7, 2012

Human Nature Mineral Eyeshadow in Sweet Innocence

Human Nature is an indie brand that produces bath, skincare and beauty products. A newbie in the beauty industry, they have a modest mineral makeup range. Sweet Innocence is one of two eyeshadow palettes being sold.

The packaging kind of reminds me of Urban Decay. What do you think?

Anyway, one thing I appreciate is that there's an actual expiration date written at the back of the palette.

Sweet Innocence features three colors: mid-tone reddish brown, pale pink and shimmery champagne. I love the color combination because it can be used everyday. And I'm happy with its smooth texture and absence of fall-out.

I have a couple of problems with this, though. First is the color pay-off... of all the mineral makeup I've tried, this is the least pigmented. In order to get some color to show, I had to apply an eyeshadow base (in the swatches below, I used the one from Art Deco). You can also try a cream eyeshadow underneath. Point is, it's almost invisible without any form of base.

Next. Even with a base, it takes a lot of work to build the color. Application involves too much effort because the makeup doesn't stick to the skin too well. 

Deal breakers. :(

I had high hopes for this product. As much as I would like to support an indie brand that produces cruelty-free natural products, I also want to make sure that what I buy is of good quality. Sad to say, this eyeshadow falls short of my expectations.

Human Nature should revisit the formula and figure out how to improve this. 

On a lighter and totally unrelated note, I've got the song "Bennie and the Jets" on repeat today. :)


  1. I love your brows! The eyeshadows are pretty too! <3

  2. I really like the points you touched on, great honest review.


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