October 19, 2012

Halloween Tutorial: Blood and Gore SFX

It's my favorite time of the year again!

I thought it would be fun to do a tutorial (my very first) on how to create a gash. Perfect for Halloween or anytime you want to scare the pants off someone.

You will need the following:
  • Nose & Scar Wax
  • Liquid Latex (Optional)
  • Red, Blue & Black Greasepaint
  • Spirit Gum
  • Fake Blood (you can DIY by mixing corn syrup with red food coloring)
  • Spatula
  • Wedge sponge
  • Cotton buds

Prep Clean your skin with Witch Hazel. There should be no trace of oil on your skin.

Step 1 Select a spot where you want your simulated injury located. Apply spirit gum to that area and make sure that it follows the length and width of the gash. Don't go over. This will be the base that the wax will adhere to.

Step 2 Take your wax (a pea sized amount should do) and roll it on the palm of your hand until it reaches your desired length.

Step 3 Put the wax on the area where you applied spirit gum. Make sure the spirit gum is tacky when you do this.

Step 4 Take a spatula and use this to flatten the edges of the wax. Make sure it seamlessly blends to your skin.

Step 5 Use the end of the spatula to slice through the wax. The ends should be thin and it should be thick in the middle. 

At this point, your injury should look like this:

Step 6 Take a small brush and use that to apply latex on top of the wax. If you don't have latex, use spirit gum instead. Keep in mind you should not go over the wax otherwise it'll just peel off.

Step 7 Once the latex or spirit gum is dry, you can apply greasepaint around the wound using a ripped wedge sponge. First, lightly stipple the red greasepaint all over the sides of the gash. Then, mix the blue & red greasepaint to create purple and use a cotton bud to stipple the purple around the center - the area where the gash is widest.

Step 8 Paint the inside of your wound with black greasepaint and paint another layer on top of it using the red greasepaint.

Step 9 Put fake blood (or your homemade blood) inside the gash and allow it to drip down.

There you have it... blood & gore for Halloween!

Although I put this injury on my arm, it would look way better when done horizontally across the neck. Tell your Halloween date to come as Dexter Morgan.


  1. Ahaha! I love this perfect for Halloween :)

  2. Thank You! I'm on Rec committee in our neighborhood and we always help do the Halloween Judging Costume contest ~ the kids/parents will love this! Happy Friday to all!

  3. FANTASTIC!!!!! What an awesome job!!!


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