June 4, 2013

Review: Spa Sonic Skin Care System


It's nice to see a few skin care system options out there and I was fortunate enough to get to try Spa Sonic. Aside from the Spa Sonic device, the set comes with batteries, two face brushes, a body brush, microdermabrasion sponge and pumice attachments. 

The attachments move in a rotational motion - it was a bit challenging controlling the device. There's a definite learning curve before I got the hang of it.

The face and body brush bristles feel ultra-soft and the initial impression I got was that it would feel gentle on the skin. That was true with the body brush and I thoroughly enjoyed using it in the bath. My skin got the exfoliation I needed without the scratchy feeling that normally comes with some scrubs.

However, I had to be extremely light-handed with the face brush because after the first few times, my skin felt raw. On the upside, there was no need for an astringent or toner after use. It truly does get rid of any dirt trapped in the pores.

I was pleased with the pumice attachment as it was gentle enough to use daily on the soles of my feet. The literature that came with the set said that it can be used on the elbows and knees but personally, I would not dare use pumice in those areas - too harsh, in my opinion.

The microdermabrasion brush is used in applying skincare products. Use the sponge to apply your serum or moisturizer to your face. It did not feel any different from when I would use my fingers to apply skincare. Plus, this seems the least practical since sponges should be replaced regularly for sanitary reasons.

Spa Sonic gave me the same results as my Clarisonic Plus.  My skin was exfoliated and I got the deep cleansing I needed. The body brush and pumice are my favorites because it provides me with different levels of exfoliation.

Bottom line, this is a good option if you are in the market for an affordable spa brush. Just be mindful of the pressure especially when using the face brush attachment. I'm happy with the number of attachments included in the kit. And the cost of replacing the attachments is very reasonable. Available in Walmart or Target.

*Press sample was provided for editorial consideration.

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