July 31, 2013

Guest Post: A Fresh and Balanced Strawberry Scrub to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Article by Michelle Pino

Finding a reliable skin care routine that will help you to restore your skin after it is affected by the elements of hot summer weather can change the way you look and feel.  From oily skin to dehydration problems, a simple and effective treatment and routine provided by Skana Spa of New York Resort, Turning Stone – this recipe combine centuries-old healing principles of the Oneida Indians to produce an experience that stimulates harmony of the mind and body is sure to revitalize your skin!

1. Begin a Cleansing Routine 
During the summer months, it is a good idea to switch to a vigorous facial cleansing routine.   Washing with a fat-based soap in the morning and evening can help to remove dead cells, rehydrate the skin and make your epidermis appear fresh and supple.  Using a soft cold cream three or four times a week will also help to protect your skin against the elements it is exposed to when you are outside during the summer.
If your skin is prone to be on the oily side, consider using a light and gentle detergent-based cleanser.  You can follow up this cleansing routine by using aloe around the eyes and on the neck to gently remove makeup in a safe and natural way.

2. Use Exfoliating and Mask Routines 
Using exfoliating and mud or cream masks will help you to strip away old skin and provide much-needed nourishment.  Using homemade scrubs and beauty masks using natural products such as strawberries, avocados and tomatoes is the perfect way to embrace all-natural and affordable beauty treatments you can do from your own home.

3. Maintain Moisture 
Maintaining moisture by applying an organic moisturizer to your face, neck and hands a few times a week will help to reverse the affects the sun causes on your skin.  Consider using natural oils and plant-based creams such as coconut cream and aloe oil to give your skin a refreshing hydration treatment.

Homemade Strawberry Scrub

•    One medium strawberry
•    Dash of honey
•    One teaspoon of brown sugar

•    Combine ingredients.  Simply dampen your skin and gently apply the scrub to your face, neck and hands.

This recipe works best if it is made fresh before each use.  The brown sugar acts as a natural exfoliating agent while the fresh strawberries will gently clean your skin without the need for chemicals.  Pure honey keeps the skin soft and supple and also helps to pull out toxins that are commonly found in skin.  Continue use of this recipe once a week in your regimen for long lasting benefits.

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