July 17, 2013

Review: Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment

This summer has been harsh on my skin - one of the things I was troubled with was frequent acne breakouts. I felt like there wasn't a single day I was acne-free for two months. The main thing I changed in my makeup routine was the use of an acne-treating concealer instead of my usual.

Dermalogica's Concealing Spot Treatment is pretty self explanatory. The name sums up what the product should do: it conceals while treating acne. Information on how to use the product is on the tube and it's simple.

Directions: Dot onto finger and apply to afflicted area. Let stand for five seconds, then pat until blended in. Use until breakout has cleared.

This concealer/treatment disappointed me for two reasons: first, it was difficult to blend. The product just sat on top of my skin and slipped too much, even after allowing it to set within the specified time frame. As a result, it could only cover the smallest spots.

The second thing that displeased me was that it only worked on mild acne. It had no effect on bigger eruptions and could not treat my cystic acne.

If you suffer from the occasional little spot (the kind that's barely obvious to the whole world but you), then this is fine as it can neutralize redness. However, I don't recommend this to those with moderate to severe acne.

On the bright side, I was able to try another brand of acne-treating concealer that worked. Will tell you more about that next time! :)


  1. Aww tumaas hopes ko, kelangan ko ng zit-busting concealer! Aabangan ko next entry mo :P

  2. Great review! I was close to buying this from Dermstore. So far, the only thing that seems to work for me is Murad


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