July 18, 2013

Review: NARS Fashion Rebel Duo Eyeshadow (Before Summer Ends, Part 1)

Welcome to my Before Summer Ends series! I'll be blogging about some Summer 2013 products that I haven't been able to feature. Just in case your local counters still have them or you're still on the fence about buying it, I hope this guide helps.

Today I'm showing you Fashion Rebel, a new addition to NARS' ever-growing duo eyeshadow line. It features a bright, yellow and orchid-purple shadow which complement each other well.

Before I proceed with my review, let me apologize for the pictures below... I took them upside-down. *sheepish grin*
Moving on.

Let's start with the texture - I'm a bit disappointed that whenever I pick this up using a brush, it gets very powdery. Although it's a bit messy in that aspect, it surprised me that I did not have any issues with fallout.

I'm partial to the yellow shade because among the two, this was easier to work with - color payoff was decent (with the help of an eye primer) and blending wasn't difficult, although I can't say it was effortless. I can't get over how pretty and vivid this looks!

And then there's the purple half of this duo. Even with the primer, it was too sheer - in the swatch below, I swiped it four times. Application was a challenge - the purple part had a tendency to look uneven even after layering and blending. In fact, I decided not to post the look I created because it looked horrible photographed. I dislike this as much as Marie-Galante.

As a NARS fan, I was disappointed with this product. Although the yellow was good, it reminds me a lot of Buttercupcake from Sugarpill which is something I already have.

The colors aren't personal kit essentials and there are others out there with far more superior formula. Skip this and look for those instead.

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