July 3, 2013

Review & Swatches: Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow

Chanel introduced their Stylo Eyeshadow this Summer and in my opinion, these are the most interesting pieces from the collection. There are 6 colors in total, all with a metallic finish and striking in their own way. If you are familiar with the Eye Caviar Stick from Laua Mercier, these are very similar.

Stylo Eyeshadow is easier to apply compared to other cream eyeshadow like MAC Paint Pot or NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil. These glide and blend effotlessly - it feels cool, like water, when it touches the skin. Sometimes, I like to use a medium concealer brush for a sheer wash on the lid. Overall, its a cinch working with this product.

My personal picks are Black Stream, Cool Gold, Moon River and Pink Lagoon. I think these four can be worn by anybody, any season. Makeup Artists and enthusiasts will love having Stylo Eyeshadow in their kit as it cuts application time in half.

I found these to be long-lasting with eye primer underneath (of course) - no creasing, smudging or sliding for 8-10 hours. Yes, these are amazing!

For the look below, I used Moon River, Black Stream and a tiny bit of Cool Gold.

In other news....

Remember when I mentioned we were fostering a cat named Robbie? Well, guess what? We ended up adopting him. I had an inkling it would lead to this. He's such a character and we love having him around!

He's gotten to be quite tubby  - not surprising since he has a huge appetite. :)


  1. Love the look you came up with using the Stylo eyeshadow and Robbie is super adorbs <3



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