August 15, 2013

Review: Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Apparition

Summer is definitely over! It's been raining quite a bit and the weather, gloomy on most mornings. It made swatching this shade of Illusion D'Ombre particularly challenging. I was able to take a product photo last week but I had to keep trying for several days before I could capture it on my skin. I could not give up on because it is gorgeous. GORGEOUS!

I find that Apparition applies the same way as Convoitise - easily buildable without any flakiness or fallout. The main difference, in my opinion, is that Convoitise looks better applied as a sheer wash. Apparition, on the other hand, looks better layered in order for its beautiful navy color and metallic finish to come out.

True to the Illusion D'Ombre line, this does not crease and is long wearing. In fact, this was the most difficult to remove. Washing the swatch off my arm with soap and water (and vigorous rubbing!) still left some product on my skin - I had to reach out for my trusty eye makeup remover.

The above photo shows Apparition lightly and heavily swatched. It has a charcoal grey (almost black) base. I had to find the brightest spot by the window to get the true color to show up!

I would use this on my entire lid for a smoky eye look or on the outer V of my eyelid to add definition. If its the latter, I usually use a satin beige on the lid and Apparition serves as a lovely contrast. I know that blue eyeshadow may seem a bit intimidating but this shade specifically, is easy to pull off and will suit anyone.

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